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For the 100th anniversary of the death of William Booth
In August 1912, General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army died. In remembrance of this occasion, here is a brief summary of some of the headlines of newspapers from that time.
William Booth Funeral
Image from a Swiss magazine

After General Booth passed away on August 20th 1912 several articles and photos of this remarkable man could be found worldwide in the press.

Not only Salutists pay him, the founder of the Salvation Army, their last respects.
Some front page headlines in newspapers:

Genl. Booth Passes Away After a Lingering Illness - Great Figure Removed
(Daily Herald, 21. August 1912)

Genl. Booth World-wide Sympathy Expressed - Funeral Arrangements
(Daily Herald, 22. August 1912)

Genl, Booth, Vast Crowds Witness Lying-in State - Pathetic Scenes
(Daily Herald, 24. August 1912)

Gen. Booth - Impressive Memorial Service at Olympia – Vast Congregation
(Daily Herald, 29. August 1912)

A Mighty Army of Mourners from all Parts of the world follow General Booth to his last Resting Place
- London’s last great tribute to General Booth

(General Booth Funeral Number of The Daily Mirror, 30. August 1912)

Gen. Booth – An Imposing Funeral Procession – Crowds in Tears
(Daily Herald, 30. August 1912)

Das Leichenbegängnis des Heilsarmee-Generals Will. Booth in London
(Die Wochenschau, 7. September, 1912)

Love’s Great Festival of Mourning’ – Entry of the General’s Coffin
(War Cry, September 7, 1912)

Los funerales del General Booth – aspect que ofrecian las calles de Londres al paso de la funebre comitiva
(Blanco y Negro, Revista illustrada, Madrid, Numero 1.113)
From the Daily Herald, 21. August 1912:
"General" Booth died shortly after 10 o' clock last evening.... the official announcement of General Booth's death was issued by the Salvation Army Headquarters shortly after 11 o'clock, and stated, that the death occured at thirteen minutes after 10....
William Booth
Daily Mirror: Last tribute to General Booth
From the special edition of
"The Daily Mirror"
Picture Postcard:
General Booth's Funeral
Procession Passing the Mansion House

From "The Daily Mirror" Funeral Number:
".....London yesterday paid its last great tribut to General Booth. A crowd of fully two million people for hours lined the six-mile route of the General's funeral procession, from the Salvation Army's headquarters in Queen Victoria-street to Abney Park Cemetery. The procession was over a mile in length, forty bands and more than 6000 persons took part in it....the scene was more of a triumph than a sorrow. It signified exaltation, not defeat.
At the Mansion House they were saluted by the acting Lord Mayor, and all along the way Londoners showed their appreciation by reverent baring of heads....
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