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To those who are interested in porcellan or Jaspers, the name of the english firm Wedgwood is well-known. Josiah Wedgwood developped Jaspers in 1776.
Jaspers is an unglazed, fine-grained stoneware. Josiah Wedgwood gave the new product the name of Jaspers because of the stone Jasper, which he used for this product.

Wedgwood plates in the Salvation Army museum  
  Both of these small plates were produced and sold in 1977/1978. They are made from the above mentioned Jaspers. The portraits of William and Catherine Booth are shown, the founder of The Salvation Army and his wife. The edges are decorated with oak leaves.
The plates are obviously not for everyday use, rather are produced for the collector. That the plates were produced and sold in the years 1977/1978 was for a certain purpose. In London at this time periode an international congress was held. In London (GB) and in other lands there were celebrations of the 100th anniversary of The Salvation Army.
 One hundred years before The Christian Mission was renamed to The Salvation Army. In the name of Jesus Christ, the early salvationists, certain of the help of God, wanted to fight sin, under the leadership of General William Booth and his wife Catherine.

Today The Salvation Army is working in 120 countries and the goal is still the same. For more than one hundred years because of love to God and menkind The Salvation Army has been spreading the Gospel of God's love to others in word and deed.

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