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  Ascension Day  
Ascencion Day 1996 with General Paul Rader
Swiss Salvation Army badges
For more than 100 years, on Ascension Day each year the Swiss members of the Salvation Army celebrated a congress.
On this occasion, badges, pins or ribbons were worn by the participants as a festival insignia. In the Salvation Army museum at Basel some of these can be found.

The German-speaking Salvationists met in Zurich, while those speaking French met in Lausanne.
The meetings were often led by international guests.

It is noticeable on this pin that the crest of the Salvation Army does not have an "S" and a cross, but instead a capital "H" with a cross. At this time in Switzerland, such a cross was often seen, however, it has since been changed. Nowadays, the crest of the Swiss Salvation Army also has an "S" with a cross. Likewise, it was common at that time that a Swiss Cross would be featured in the background.

Foto: General Evangeline Booth an der Auffahrt
Ascencion Day1936 with
General Evangeline Booth

  Heilsarmee Anstecker im Museum 
On the back of this pin is written in German:
"Ascencion Day at Zurich
7. Mai 1891 lead by the Marshal
Salvation Army - Switzerland for Jesus"

Many Generals have come to Switzerland for this special Swiss congress as it can be seen on the old photo of General Evangeline Booth and the short video with General Paul Rader.

  Some pins of the last years are shown here:      
Heilsarmee Pin "Auf Jesus nach" (Frau)
 Ascencion Day 1997  Pin "Auf Jesus nach"  im Heilsarmee Museum Basel
   Heilsarmee Pin "Gottes Liebe - unsere Motivation"
Ascencion Day 1998
  Heilsarmee Pin Auffahrt 1999 Leben mit Christus hat Zukunft
Ascencion Day 1999
Kinderpin Auffahrt 1999, im Heilsarmee Museum Basel
  Heilsarmee Pin Auffahrsfest 2000
Ascencion Day 2000
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