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Old Photo in the Salvation Army museum: Major Henry Edmonds 
Hallelujah - Napoleon
(Major Henry Edmonds)
  This cabinet card picturing Henry Edmonds is an excellent snapshot of the early day evolution of organized Salvation Army uniform. Henry Edmonds was for a time the personal secretary (A.D.C.) of William Booth. Because of this his uniform would conform strictly to the standards being set by the Outfit Department. At this time being close to the Family Booth, he was the very model of a model Major.
Henry is pictured here as a Major complete with an early version of the staff cap. Note the absence of cap band and the larger helmet style gilt crest made of pressed metal. I date this picture at 1881 as the cap band was introduced a little later in the year 1882.
The "S" and Crest are separate and are worked on black material which was to remain the coloured background for the rank of Major until 1914.
As stated previously this cabinet card shows elements of the uniform in development stage.

A study of photos of officer groups attending the 1886 international congress shows changes to staff caps (i.e. cap band and smaller crest).
Note the absence of epaulettes or shoulder straps. Shoulder straps and their accompanying stars to denote rank were introduced in 1888.
(D. Callaghan, Australia)
  embroidered "S" on black ground 
Embroidered "S" on black material
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