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 Picture of Frederick Booth - Tucker during his time in India
This biography*, written in English, covers the life of Frederick Tucker. The volume is part of a 500 book library also to be found at The Salvation Museum Basle.

  Frederick Booth - Tucker

Frederick Tucker was born on the 21st of May, 1853, in the north-east of India. He was born the son of a rich, British family, which lived in the high level of the Victorian Imperial elite in India. At the age of seven, he was sent to England in order to attend school.
In 1874, he began to work in the Indian Civil Service. In 1875, the American evangelistic team of Moody and Sankey visited Great Britain. Through their influence Frederick Tucker gave his life to God. At the age of twenty-four Tucker married Louisa Mary Bode, aged forty-two.

As Frederick Tucker became acquainted with The Salvation Army, he paid the Founder General William Booth a visit expressing his desire to serve in this Army. From William Booth, Tucker received a cool reply that he was from the dangerous class of people, Booth however, would consider the offer. The high position which Tucker had enjoyed up to then did not have to be a hindrance to his joining The Salvation Army
Upon his acceptance into The Salvation Army, Tucker gave up a very well paid position, which upset his family.
Tucker with his wife Louisa and three other officers began the work of The Salvation Army in India in the year 1882 and Tucker took on the name of FAKIR SINGH.
While in India, Louisa Tucker died during a cholera epidemic.
In the year 1888, Frederick married Emma Booth. She also became ill during the time of their stay in India and so they left Fredericks' beloved land of India.

At the International Headquarters of The Salvation Army in London, he served the Lord there until the Tuckers received the appointment to lead The Salvation Army in America. Emma Tucker died in a train accident during their time in America 1903. Frederick was called back to work at the International Headquarters. He rather would have returned to India.

In 1906, Frederick Tucker married Colonel Minnie Reid, who had had a similar upbringing to her husband. In 1907, The Tuckers sailed for India, where they served for a number of years.

Letter from F. Booth - Tucker in the private museum 
This letter was written in 1902 in America by Frederick Tucker and is now in The Salvation Army Museum in Basel.
 Picture of F. Booth - Tucker
From 1896 - 1904 Frederick Tucker was the leader of The Salvation Army in the U.S.A. This picture was taken in 1904 during his service time there.
This time Frederick became ill himself and so, in 1919, The Tuckers left India to return to England. Two years later, Frederick was hoping to return to serve in India. But the then General, Bramwell Booth did not want him to go back.

In 1924 The Tuckers retired from active service.
At the beginning of 1929, after a request from Commissioner E. Higgins for a gathering of leaders to come together for the first High Council, Tucker also sent a request encouraging leaders to come together. In the summer of 1929 Frederick Tucker died.

An interesting biography about Frederick Booth is written by Harry Williams:
"Booth - Tucker: William Booth's First Gentleman"
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