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  A Song of Praise  
CSM G. Surer, early Salvationist at Birsfelden  
Gottlieb Surer
  Gottlieb Surer was born in Arisdorf in the year 1856. In Arisdorf he attended school. Sadly as a young man he began to drink alcohol often. He became addict. One day, during the time he was working, he felt the impulse to pray. After he had knelt down and prayed, he felt a great joy flood his heart. He did not have another with whom he could talk about the experience, he also did not know about the personnel God. The result was that he began further to depend on alcohol and could not get free from the addiction.

In the year 1884 he married. His wife experienced that in the morning he would become drunk. His wife began to pray for him, but for years had to endure life with him as he would use his wages to drink alcohol.

His family suffered and he tried to free himself from the addiction. Surer hoped, that perhaps a move would help. The family moved to Birsfelden. In the new area, he was invited to attend a Salvation Army meeting by a local member who lived in his area. Surer did not own the proper clothes so did not attend. The salvationist lady who saw the need, brought him what he needed.
In the meeting Gottlieb Surer attended, he gave God his life and gave God his needs. He found Jesus Christ and accepted Him as his Saviour and Lord.
 Cap of G. Surer now in the Salvation Army Museum Basel
This is the cap of Gottlieb Surer which he used in the many years he was "dry" and gave testimony for his Saviour.

  This experience changed his life: He was able to conquer the addiction to alcohol and remained "dry".
In the beginning he did not want to stop drinking alcohol altogether. After work he thought that he deserved 1 - 2 glasses of beer. In The Salvation Army, the members promise not to smoke or to drink alcohol. Surer wanted to become a member and so began a hard personal struggle. He fought in prayer for a full release from his addiction. Finally Surer felt himself freed from his addiction. He did not only thank his God in private. He praised God on the work place and at home and in the meetings of The Salvation Army.
Surer became a great blessing to many. His children named him a living song of praise to God.
Surer became the first Corps Sergeant-Major in Corps Birsfelden, a very responsible position. There was no place or time where he would not speak about what God had done for him. He had a great love for others. For over thirty years, until his death in 1920, he worked for Jesus, a recovered alcoholic and a happy man.
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