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  The Triumphonic  
Trombone made by the Salvation Army

In the past the Salvation Army had its own factory (The Campfield Musical Instrument Works) in London for making brass instruments.
This Bb trombone was likely made in the 1920's when the Triumphonic line was introduced. It was the top line made for band players although there were other models for soloists. The Triumphonic line was made until the factory closed in 1972.

Trombone in the Salvation Army Museum Basel
"The Triumphonic", one of the models made by the Salvation Army brass instrument factory
Special decoration on the brass instrument
Decoration on the trombone tubes

The decorated tubes were made by two steel rollers, a smooth one on the inside of the brass tube and a decorated one on the outside of the brass tube. When the two rollers were pressed hard together on a machine, the decoration appeared on the outside of the brass tube. This decoration was likely a special order from the factory as it was not generally included in most Salvation Army instruments.

The slide lock on this trombone was invented and patented by The Salvation Army in 1904. The Salvation Army was the first trombone maker to put a lock on a slide.
(William Scarlett, USA)
Slide lock patented by the Salvation Army
Slide lock on the Salvation Army trombone
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