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In the Salvation Army Museum Basel one can find a collection of stamps produced from a variety of countries.Since the time, in which The Salvation Army has spread into many countries the whole world over, more than 30 countries have honoured the work of The Salvation Army. These countries have produced postage stamps showing aspects of Salvation Army ministries.

Stamp from Great Britain, 1965

Stamp in the Salvation Army Museum Basel, Switzerland

  In conjunction with the centenary celebrations of the founding of The Salvation Army, in 1965 Great Britain produced two stamps. The stamps illustrate the general images of the salvationists, the Brass Band on the street corner and the well known uniforms of the members.
For the collector it is also interesting, that some of these stamps are made with a perpendicular phosphorus strip. This strip is hard to see and most people would not notice the strip.

For the same celebrations Jamaica produced two special stamps. Typically Jamaican is the white Salvation Army cap which fits to the white uniform of the salvationists there.
In 1965 The Salvation Army was in operation on all five continents spreading the message of Gods' love to man. This is symbolised by the two Salvationists marching in front of the globe.
  Salvation Army stamp from Jamaica   Stamp in the Salvation Army Museum Basel, Switzerland
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