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  Regal ( 78 rpm )  
Salvation Army Regal records        
Between 1927 and 1958, The Salvation Army in conjunction with The Columbia Gramophone Company Ltd. (latterly a component subsidiary of EMI Ltd.), issued two hundred and twenty 78 rpm records. These records are featuring various Headquarters and Corps musical sections, instrumental and vocal soloists and the voices of three Generals.
The first recordings were issued on the Regal label with "G and MR" series prefixes and a maroon label.
Later Salvation Army sections appeared on Regal Zonophone with a dark green, red and gold label.

In May 1935 the Regal-Zonophone Salvation Army Record appeared with a royal blue and gold label incorporating the crest and MF series suffix.
These recordings were all manufactured in London (GB).

   Different labels of Regal records
A Regal 78 rpm record with the first, maroon label.
"Mighty to Save"
Salvation Army Regal record in the museum
  Regal Zonophone with the green/red/gold label:
"Spirit of Praise"
Salvation Army Regal Zonophone (green/red/gold) 78 record 
Other Salvation Army Territories (e.g. the German and the Swedish Territory) also issued their own series of 78 records. In addition to these "official" records, there were several private recordings, which were made in conjunction with overseas tours or as fund raising ventures by the corps concerned.
(Colin R. Waller, GB)

  Regal Zonophone with Salvation Army crest on a blue/gold label:
"The Gospel Story"
Blue Regal label with Salvation Army crest (78 rpm record) 
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