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The collections of the Salvation Army Museum Basel
Various memorabilias and objects from all over the world have been brought together in the collection of the Salvation Army Museum Basel. From the beginning, the internationality of the Salvation Army has always been an important part of the organisation and this is reflected in the wide variety of exhibits on display.
In the museum the visitor can find a library with more than 700 books in different languages, Salvation Army uniforms and insignias, musical instruments, records, cylinder rolls and movies, toy cars and lead figures, chinaware, stamps, medaillons, badges and pins, engravings, postcards and much more. The range of items is widely diversified.
  Engraving in the Salvation Army museum
Foto: History of the Salvation Army   I would be pleased to invite you to come for a visite and a trip of discovery at the Salvation Army Museum Basel. The history, along with the ongoing work of the Salvation Army and the thoughts behind it all are here for you to discover.