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Centenary of The Salvation Army in the Netherlands
In the year 1887 the work of the Salvation Army was started in the Netherlands.
To celebrate this event was 100 years later the reason to produce the medal shown below.
Portrait of William und Catherine Booth on the medal     The medal is rather big and relative massive. The medal has a diameter of 50 mm and a weight of 72 grams.
The obverse side shows the portrait of William and Catherine Booth. The embossment fascinates by its tremendous detailed relief. The medal is marked with


The reverse of this medal shows the shield of the Salvation Army with the Dutch inscription Leger des Heils ( = Salvation Army). Under the shield are written the Dutch words:

100 JAAR

In the bottom section below is written:

1887- 8 MEI - 1987

The reverse side, quite simple, looks as a strong contrast to the face with its portraits.

   Salvation Army medal in the Salvation Army Museum Basel
In the collection of the Salvation Army Museum Basel : Medal of the Dutch jubilee
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