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The Crest of The Salvation Army

On some artefacts in connection with the Salvation Army one can see an emblem which has a prickly appearance.
This emblem is the crest of the Salvation Army. One can find it on various items i.e. on the pocket watch which is shown on the right. It is as well on a Salvation Army bass drum or in books published by the Salvation Army.
Where does it originate?
Pocket watch with Salvation Army crest 
Pocket watch from 1890 with an engraved Salvation Army crest

Salvation Army badge with crest in the Salvation Army Museum 
Salvation Army brooch with crest
  In the year 1878 the rename of the Christian Mission into the name The Salvation Army happened. Soon afterwards, Captain W. H. Ebdon suggested a crest and in the year 1879 it was to be found on the letterhead of the Salvation Army Headquarters. The Captain's suggested design was changed only slightly and a crown was added.
The number of the dots in the lower part of the crest varied from time to time down the years. Nowadays the crest usually has seven dots.
The meaning of the crest:
The cross: The cross of the Lord Jesus Christ
The "S": Salvation from sin through Jesus
The ray on the outside of the circle: The Fire of the Holy Spirit
The dots: The Truths of the Gospel
The swords: The Salvation War *
The crown: The crown of Eternal Life
"Blood and Fire" : The Blood which was shed by Jesus for our sins and the Fire of the Holy Spirit

 * The Salvation War is not a war by force of arms. The weapons of the Salvationists are not guns and bombs but rather the Bible, prayer and practical love to others.
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