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  Pins and brooches  
Brooches, badges and pins are since the commencement of the Salvation Army in use. Among these are badges of special events, insignias or sometimes even orders.
The collection at the Salvation Army Museum Basel includes currently more than 700 pins, badges and brooches.
 Swiss Salvation Army brooch in the Salvation Army Museum at Basel
Old Swiss Salvation Army brooch
Most of the badges were worn to show the affiliation to the Salvation Army. By the introduction of the uniform, brooches became partially an element of the Salvation Army uniform.
But pins and badges were also used for special events. A classic example of this is the pin of the Salvation Army Ascension Day congress in Switzerland.
Over the course of the history of the Salvation Army special awards and orders have been given out (e.g. Order of the Founder).
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