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In many countries, movies in which the Salvation Army played an important role were shown in cinemas.
There are not only posters in different languages of movies, but also from corresponding performances in theaters.
The images on this website are examples from the collection of the Salvation Army Museum.

"Les Musicians du Ciel" with Michèle Morgan and "Major Barbara" , starring Wendy Hiller and Rex Harrison, are two films in which the Salvation Army plays an important role.
Salvation Army poster 
Colorful movie poster from Italy
"Major Barbara" is a play which was written in 1905 by George Bernard Shaw. Later a movie was produced, starring popular actors as Deborah Kerr, Rex Harrison, Wendy Hiller, Robert Morley and Robert Newton (GB 1941, 135 minutes). In many countries, even in South America, the film was shown in cinemas. In the former GDR, there was clearly a censored version. Most posters showed of course Wendy Hiller to ensure best publicity in advertising.

  Major Barbara: Wendy Hiller and Rex Harrison
"Major Barabara":
A typical poster in English
  Movie poster: Major Barbara
"Comandante Barbara":
From South America originates this poster
 Poster in the Salvation Army Museum Basel
Not a movie poster but a large theater advertisement
  In "Major Barbara" G.B. Shaw refers to a sensitive issue: Should the Salvation Army accept money from an arms manufacturer to do good and to help people with this donation? Of course, besides money, romance in such a movie should not be missing.
The comedy is still performed in various theaters worldwide. As an example "Major Barbara" was played at the Schauspielhaus Zurich in 2009. The poster on the left is from the Schauspielhaus Zurich, performed with Julia Jentsch, August Diehl, Nicole Heesters and Robert Hunger-Bühler.
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