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 Picture of William Booth (in the Salvation Army museum)
William Booth
Founder of The Salvation Army
  The history of The Salvation Army started in England. William Booth and his wife Catherine Booth-Mumford were born in the year 1829 in Great Britain.
At the age of fifteen years William Booth claimed Jesus Christ as Lord of his life. He became later a Methodist pastor and Evangelist. As such, he began to preach on the streets of London. The great social and spiritual needs, which were to be found in the East London slums, moved him deeply. In 1865, the "Christian Revival Association" was founded by William & Catherine Booth and it changed during the following years several times its name. It was renamed in "Eastlondon Christian Mission". Five years later, the name was changed to simply "The Christian Mission".

William Booth and other Christian workers of the Mission recognised that they had to reach out to others. They began to evangelise on the streets and in pubs. They invited people to attend larger gatherings.
In the year 1878 The Christian Mission was renamed to The Salvation Army. William Booth was the first General. The new style of preaching was not always appreciated. In Great Britain and in other countries the workers were harassed, attacked and imprisoned

Soup, Soap and Salvation...
Since people in need must be helped in the area of need. A hungry person cannot properly listen to a message of hope. Physical and spiritual needs were addressed. The Salvation Army began to reach out in social work in a variety of ways. The Salvation Army spread rapidly also in other countries.


Family Fry with their instruments
Charles Fry founded along with his three sons Fred, Ernest and Bert in the year 1878 the first Brass Band of the Salvation Army in Great Britain.
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