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Posters, large size or small are used for an endless variety of purposes. Already from the early years of the movement The Salvation Army has used the poster to reach people with a message.
There is a rich variety of posters which have been used in connection with The Salvation Army. The collection of posters in the Salvation Army Museum Basel therefore includes different epochs and styles.

Some very different types of posters are shown here.

Swiss Salvation Army poster 
A Swiss poster: produced to advertise an evangelistic campaign in Switzerland
 Salvation Army WW1 poster in the museum
This poster which represents the work of The Salvation Army done during the First World War advertises and requests support for the same work.

A new poster which advertises the collection of funds for the year 2000 in Switzerland
(social work)

  Beside the connection to the work of The Salvation Army the posters have something else in common. As they were produced no one thought that decades later they would witness to the work done during a certain time period. Heilsarmeeposter von der Topfkollekte
The social work of The Salvation Army: The first social home in Switzerland commenced work in 1894 in Zurich. In the year 1903 Commissioner E. Booth-Hellberg founded "Die Genossenschaft für die Sozialwerke in der Schweiz" (the social work of The Salvation Army for Switzerland).
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