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Postcards have been produced for more than 100 years. In 1869, the first so-called "Correspondenzkarte" was innovated in Austria. It took only a few years until this type of card was in use in common use in many different countries.
Since 1872 everybody is allowed to produce and sell postcards. Because of the wide variety of the production, postcards have become very collectable items. From 1895 onwards, it came a vogue to collect postcards.
There are now many different postcards in connection with the Salvation Army. The collector can find not only photos of Salvationists but also pictures of buildings and, of course, many cartoons.
In the Salvation Army Museum at Basel the visitor can see a collection of hundreds of international Salvation Army postcards.

Some pictures of postcards featuring the topic Salvation Army are shown here:
- Family Booth
- Switzerland
- Buildings
- Cartoons
    Salvation Army cartoon postcard in the museum
The Salvation Army was sometimes also the theme of less friendly cartoons. One of these postcards is the picture"Théâtre de la Guerre".
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