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Porcelain figures William and Catherine Booth in the Salvation Army Museum
The well known German porcelain producer W. Goebel produced in 1986 four different salvationists.
Two of them, a male soldier and a female soldier were designed by Martina Franz for a special production for The Salvation Army in the U.S.A.. They represent the salvationists world-wide.
The couple presented in the picture to the left are representations of William and Catherine Booth. They are the founders of The Salvation Army. The pieces were designed by Master designer Gerhard Bochmann.

Since the beginnings of The Salvation Army, women as well as men have had the privilege to preach in the meetings and elsewhere. Already in the year 1859, Catherine Booth released a booklet titled "Female Ministry" dealing with the reasoning behind female preachers.
William & Catherin Booth - Mumford
Through the acceptance of the equality of women has come about that a woman can be placed in the highest position of authority in The Salvation Army, that of General. In 1934 - 1939 Evangeline C. Booth, a daughter of William and Catherine Booth led as General. Also in the time period 1986 - 1993 Eva E. Burrows served as General.
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