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  William Booth tile  
Porcelain and ceramic is often used for decoration e.g. porcelain figures, wall plates and other items like this portrait tile.
In the collection of the Salvation Army Museum Basel are two portrait tiles of William Booth which are made by Sherwin & Cotton. One of it is framed.
At Hanley, Sherwin & Cotton started in the year 1877 their company. They were one of the many potters in Stoke-on-Trent and were well known for their production of tiles.
In the year 1904, General William Booth had already become a famous person, not only in Great Britain also in many other countries.
And in the same year an International Congress was held in London by the Salvation Army .The congress badge which was given out, uses a picture of William Booth.
  William Booth portrait tile
Portrait tile of William Booth

Salvation Army badge with William Booth portrait
International Congress badge

It is almost the same as on the tile. Perhaps the tile was made because of the International Congress of the Salvation Army and shows a very detailed portrait of General Booth. The style of the tile is known as emaux ombrants.

On the back the tile is marked with the words :

Portrait of
General Booth

Made By
& Cotton
Eastwood Works
Hanley Staffs

Back of the William Booth tile

On the back, down to the left corner of the tile one can find also a porcelain mark.
This more than one hundred year old item shows several elements of the time: The portrait of a then well-known person which was made for a special event with a technique which was used in the lifetime of the founder of the Salvation Army.

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