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Salvation Army badge

Pins and badges of special Salvation Army events have been made in many different countries.
The badge which is shown below, was made in connection with the visit of William Booth in the USA in the year 1894. This is a particularly striking example because it has a picture on the back as well as on the front.

 Salvation Army pin in the museum at Basel
This pin originated in the United States of America. It was made in the year 1894. On the back is a portrait of William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army.

  William Booth had, after quite some consideration, the allowance given for Eliza Shirley to preach in the U.S.A. If Shirley was successful, she should name the new mission The Salvation Army.
Eliza Shirley, together with her parents, began the first corps in the U.S.A. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Soon afterwards they were able to open a second corps.

General Booth announced in February 1880 that The Salvation Army in the U.S.A. had begun under the leadership of George Scott Railton.

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