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From the beginning music has been an important and integral part of the numerous activities of The Salvation Army. To sing about God, to praise him in meetings, or to bring the message of his love through song and music both in the open air and in restaurants is typical of The Salvation Army.
In the year 1878 Charles Fry, along with his sons Fred, Ernest and Bert, introduced brass music as an accompaniment in the meetings of The Salvation Army. Thus, the first brass band was established at the Salisbury Corps (UK). As a result of this in the subsequent years other Salvation Army Corps were encouraged to follow suit and found their own Music Corps. The use of the big bass drum in Services was not welcomed by everyone. However, William Booth stated that it should not be an issue as to whether people are called to a meeting with sound of bells, or with the beat of a drum.
At the same time that the Fry Family began to support The Salvation Army in England through brass music, in the United States of America Thomas Alva Edison invented the Phonograph. Edison's invention was revolutionary. A few years later, the Phonograph was developed further giving us the Gramophone with its well known 78rpm records.

Edison Phonograph
 The Phonograph: Invented by
Thomas Edison in the Year 1878.
Salvation Army cylinder roll made by Edison
Visitors of the Salvation Army Museum Basle will find many examples of this development. From the Edison cylinder record through the 78rpm records to new CDs one finds music from, or connected with, The Salvation Army. Sometimes a visitor is surprised at the breadth of the music. The singing and playing by the members of The Salvation Army to the glory of God has to date found no bounds. And still the message of God's boundless love and compassion will continue to be passed on through music.

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 An Edison cylinder record from the Salvation Army Museum Basle with a song about The Salvation Army.

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