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Hundred years of the Salvation Army in Canada
In the year 1882 began the work of the Salvation Army in several countries. Among them was Switzerland as well as Canada.
Hundred years later a small, relatively plain medal was produced for this event of the Canadian Salvation Army. The exemplar in the collection ot the Salvation Museum Basel is introduced here:

 Medal from Canada in the Salvation Army Museum Basel   The commemorative medal has a diameter of 31 mm and a weight of 12 grams.
The face shows the crest of the Salvation Army on a maple leaf, above the writing:


In the bottom section is the territory of Canada and Bermuda mentioned.

The reverse of the medal shows in the centre the figure 100 and twice the shield of the Salvation Army in the national language English and French, in addition the inscription:

1882 - 1982

Whilst the averse side emphasizes the first 100 years of the Salvation Army in Canada, the reverse side is focussed of the next hundred years.

   Medal of the Salvation Army centenary in Canada
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