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Since ancient times persons and events have been remembered by the casting of coins and medallions. Coins are a lawful tool in commerce and have a worth. In modern times, the common worth of the coin has been stamped upon the coin. Medallions are not used as currency and are as such not as common.
For special events, The Salvation Army has also produced medallions. Even coin and medallion sellers are not always aware of this.
Old token from the social work of Salvation Army

On the following sides, a few of the Salvation Army medallions have been presented and described. There have also been coins which have been changed for propaganda purposes or for a joke. This is a phenomenon which one can trace even back to ancient days.

» Eagle Tavern Medallion
» General Booth Medal (USA)

This is neither a coin nor a medallion, rather it is a token which was used in 1890 in the social work branch of The Salvation Army.   » top