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Very early not only the well-known brass instruments but also several other kinds of musical instruments were used by the Salvationists. The music style which should be played should not be the usual church music, because William Booth wanted to attract the people on the streets.
Instruments used by the Salvation Army had to be solid and practical for outdoor use.
Victorian scrap - Salvation Army Museum Basel
Victorian scrap in the Salvation Army Museum Basel

 Salvationist with guitar, a victorian scap
Salvationist with guitar
  As the Salvationists often went to meet the people in the streets, it was very important that the instruments needed to be portable. Old pictures often show various stringed instruments e.g. violins, guitars, but also concertinas and tambourines beside brass instruments.
The Trade Department of the Salvation Army did often sell musical instruments. But these instruments were not all produced by the Salvation Army.
Soon it became clear that it was important to start a special Music Department.
The musician Richard Slater who had committed his life to God and had become Salvationist was appointed in the year 1883 to lead this new department (Music Editorial Department).
It was in the year 1884 that the first Band Journal was published regularly. The first edition of the "Musical Salvationist" was published in July 1886. Every month songs with words and notes were given out. Many songs were composed either by Richard Slater or by other Salvationists.
   Musical Salvationist
Violin   Drum
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