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  The Man without the Past  
 "The Man Without A Past"
("Mies vailla menneisyytä", 2002, 97 min., in colour)

 The man without a past, movie picture
After the mugging, the man without a name becomes the man without a past
  After being mugged, a man loses not only all of his papers but also his memory. As a nameless person, he starts a new life, and along the way he meets a woman officer from The Salvation Army.

An Salvation Army Officer in the movie
The Salvation Army's clothing distribution program
Soon it is no longer just the soup and clothes which interests him at the Salvation Army but a young Salvation Army Officer Irma. A tentative relationship blossoms between him and Irma, the young Salvation Army Officer. After the relationship has developed, the man's picture is published with a newspaper article giving details about his identity and his previous situation. The man's former life is revealed.  
 Officer Irma and the nameless in the film
Officer Irma (Kati Outinen) and the nameless man (Markku Peltola)

  The film by Aki Kaurismäki received two awards at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. The movie clearly contrasts the brutality of the man's mugging and his life on the hard edge of society, against the social care and human kindness' offered him, as well as his new-found love.
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