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The Salvation Army soon became a topic to be found in songs, films, musicals and theater pieces.
"The Belle of New York", "Salvation Nell", "Major Barbara", "Les Musicien du Ciel" und "Guys and Dolls" are some examples of where reference to The Salvation Army over numerous decades appears.
  Movie still: Major Barbara with Wendy Hiller

A scene taken from the well-known film "Major Barbara", with Wendy Hiller, Rex Harrison and Robert Newton

Musical written by John Gowans and John Larsson   In the 60's The Salvation Army began to produce musicals of their own. Some are "Take-over Bid", "Hosea", Glory!", "Spirit" und "The Blood of the Lamb". The musicals always have a spiritual message.
As the musical "Hosea" was presented in London in 1969, John Lambert wrote in the newspaper "The London Evening News": "London's new musical is a hit, I just can't stop humming tunes from the show."
  "Take-over Bid" is one of the first musicals written by John Gowans and John Larsson. It is often represented by this picture.