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Fighting Faith Campaign

"We must not only denounce sin, we must renounce it"
(Com. John Allan)

In 1947, General Albert Orsborn decided to start the "Fighting Faith" campaign. In an article about this campaign the Chief of the Staff Com. John Allan wrote:
"We must not only denounce sin, we must renounce it. We must not only decry the evils around us, but "come out from among them" ourselves. A living faith will help us achieve these objects."

Salvation Army pin Switzerland Swiss pin in the Salvation Army Museum Basel (French)  
Pins from Switzerland (German & French)
  In many countries pins were made with the logo of this campaign.The pin shows the globe with the cross of Jesus, an "S" for salvation and two crossed swords for the warfare of salvation.
Many events were held with this theme, e.g. the Divisional Youth Congress at Basel, led by
Com. M. Allemand.
Salvation Army pin from Sweden Salvation Army pin from England
Pin from Sweden Pin from England
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