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The Salvation Army Trade Department "Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd" (SP&S) did sell a lot of brass instruments to corps and band members.
But not all of these instruments were made by the own factory "The Campfield Musical Instrument Works" located in London (GB). The Salvation Army instruments "Endurance" were made in France in the 1920's and 30's as cheaper instruments for youth bands. The "Endurance" cornet shown on this page is marked with a crest and the address of SP&S and the embossing "Made in France". It is the opinion of the writer that these instruments were shipped "bare" from the maker without any name or identification. Because the writing on the instrument is so similar to the St Albans-made instrument writing, it is likely that all writing, engraving and silverplating were done by the workers in England."

  Engraving on the Endurance cornet
"Endurance" cornet with engraving
 Cornet in the Salvation Army Museum Basel
Cornet in the Salvation Army Museum Basel
  The maker of this cornet is unkown. Often a maker will make instruments for several stores or other people and the fittings on the instruments will look quite the same. Only the name is different but it is not easy to identify the maker.
Although the "Endurance" is a cheaper line, the instrument in the Salvation Army Museum Basel is richly engraved and shows, that the makers were masters of their trade.
(William Scarlett, USA)

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